Apple Card Unveils New High-Interest Savings Account with 4.15% APY for Customers

Apple has officially launched its high-yield savings account feature for Apple Card users, offering an attractive 4.15 percent Annual Percentage Yield (APY). This new feature is designed to provide a competitive savings option for Apple Card holders, helping them earn a higher return on their savings compared to traditional bank accounts.

Apple has announced the launch of a new high-yield savings account for Apple Card users. The new feature offers an impressive 4.15 percent Annual Percentage Yield (APY), allowing users to earn more on their savings compared to traditional savings accounts provided by banks.

Apple Savings Account

The high-yield savings account is available exclusively to Apple Card users, further enhancing the card’s value proposition. Apple Card, which was introduced in partnership with Goldman Sachs, has been gaining popularity due to its integration with Apple Pay, innovative cash-back rewards, and strong privacy and security features.

To open a high-yield savings account with Apple Card, users can simply access the feature through the Wallet app on their iPhone. Once the account is set up, users can start earning interest immediately, with no minimum balance required. The interest is compounded daily and paid out monthly.

In addition to offering a higher APY, the Apple Card high-yield savings account also boasts several other benefits for users, such as no fees, no minimum balance requirements, and easy access to funds. Moreover, the account is FDIC-insured, ensuring that users’ deposits are protected up to $250,000 per account.

Apple’s move into the high-yield savings market is seen as a way to attract more users to its Apple Card and to further solidify its position in the competitive fintech space. With the introduction of the high-yield savings account, Apple Card users now have even more reasons to use the card for their everyday purchases and financial needs.





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